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Week 4 feedback

Most of you did really well on your web assignment.  I expect you have used the web a lot and are comfortable with it.  Some key points to remember, however, are these:

  • use TERMS, not sentences.  You’ll get better results.
  • try not to work from the concept that .edu, .org, and .net are okay and .com is not okay.   If you do that, you just use a formula and you don’t really evaluate anything.  You can also eliminate .com sites by adding a minus sign right before the “dot”:  That minus sign eliminates anything that says dot com.  Keep in mind, however, that it will eliminate everything, including some sites that might be useful to you.  You have to use any form of “not” very carefully.
  • Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate!  That’s the key to selecting good web sites.  For those who had trouble with evaluation, I have provided some alternative suggested web sites and tried to explain clearly in my feedback just how I found them.

We are moving into the final week of the course.  There are THREE assignments due:

  • Wed., July 25:  your citation assignment described in week 4 is due
  • Sun., July 29: your copyright assignment is due
  • Mon., July 30:  your information literacy survey is due

On to the Week 5 tab!

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Week 3 Feedback

Congratulations to those who are keeping up.  For those who are not, please get on the ball here and catch up.  A five week course goes by like a whirlwind and you need to catch up and keep up.

As for the assignment, those who submitted assignments did well.  I’m very pleased to see you providing good details about your search process and strong evaluations.  Very important.  Some key points to note:


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Week 2 Feedback

Well, you’ve all done it!  You have good, searchable topics and you’ve begun searching in the catalog and evaluating your results, choosing the best for your topics.

I will begin to grade catalog/evaluation submissions today, but I decided to extend the deadline for this assignment because it took me longer to complete writing my feedback to each of you on your topics and I want everyone to have a couple of days to complete your catalog/evaluation assignment.

I think the hardest part of the course is completed.  It’s hard to pick a good search topic and make sure that it’s specific enough to provide a focused and specific topic with a good angle that will provide you with complexity and enable you to search effectively and find good, evaluated information.

Congratulations to everyone for completing your topic assignments. Now, on to searching!

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Week 1 Feedback

The privacy assignment went well and I hope that all of you keep privacy uppermost in your minds when using and working with the Web and sending information through the Internet.

With topic development, I have asked many of you to rewrite and resubmit.  Do not panic if you see a zero on your assignment.  If I’ve asked you to rewrite and resubmit by Thursday, July 5 (in most cases), I have not actually assigned a grade because I will wait until the work is complete. Because BlackBoard requires that I enter a number in order to send feedback, I have chosen to enter a zero, which I will change when the work is done.

Topic development is probably the hardest lesson of this course.  If you can complete that successfully, you will be well on your way.

I appreciate the work that all of you have put into this week’s assignments.  It’s wonderful to work with students who work hard and take the work seriously.  Just because something requires adjustment doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate your thoughtful efforts.  Keep up the good work!

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NOTE:  Use “CTRL +” to enlarge the print if this is too small.

Welcome to this course, which starts officially on June 25, 2011.  For my contact information, click on the “About Me” tab at the top of the blog.

This LIBY 1551 summer course provides 10 weeks of work in 5 weeks.  Because this is a high speed course, you will need to keep up with assignments and deadlines.  I will try to help as much as possible with reminders (usually through Twitter–see below), but you are fully responsible for meeting course requirements.

Because information literacy deals with the wide world of information, most of this class is outside the closed system of BlackBoard.  You will submit assignments through BlackBoard, get feedback through BlackBoard, and see grades in BlackBoard.  Everything else will be outside the BlackBoard system.

Tips for Your Success

  1. Check the course blog regularly to keep up with the class. I will post new material each Sunday night by midnight.  Assignment due dates will vary so pay attention to deadlines.
  2. Be sure you are ready to work online and have the necessary bandwidth and applications to meet the university requirements for taking online courses.
  3. Plan regular times to work on class assignments to help you stay on track.  In an online course, you need good time management and work habits.  This is especially true for a 5 week course.
  4. Enjoy working anywhere—even in your jammies!
  5. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you online, but if you want more personal interaction or think you can’t handle working online, you might want to consider a face-to-face or hybrid class.

Earning Grades

This class is credit/no credit, but you need to earn 70% or better to receive credit.

Online Interaction

I provide short messages through Twitter.  My handle is asinfolit.  You can check Twitter for messages or, if you don’t have a Twitter account or go to, the last five tweets appear in the twitter widget on the right side of the blog.  Longer messages will be sent to your Horizon email accounts.  You can auto-forward your email to another account (gmail, yahoo, etc.), but be sure to empty your Horizon account periodically or it will fill up and new messages will not be forwarded.

If you need to get in touch with me, please contact me (see the “About Me” tab or email via BlackBoard).  In the syllabus, there are clear instructions about email requirements. Please follow them to be sure I get your emails.

As a final note, I will be out of the library from Thursday, June 21 through Monday, June 25, but I will be online and checking regularly.

Now click the “Week 1″ tab and you’re on your way!



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